• A. V. Putchkov I.I. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • N. A. Komaromi G.S. Scovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University, Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • J. A. Batschynskaja G.S. Scovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Keywords: Coleoptera, rove beetles, species, seasonal changes, quantity, herpetobios, urbocenoses, Kharkiv, Ukraine


A total of 66 species of Staphylinidae from 37 genera have been registered in the urban coenoses of Kharkiv. Staphylinus caesareus and Drusilla canaliculata are identified as eudominants. 15 species have been found as dominants or subdominants in most coenoses. An increase in the number of species has been observed since the end of April (12–15 species) and reaches a maximum in May-June (28–32 species). In July-August, 16-10 species observed; in autumn – up to 9 species. High activity of Staphylinidae was characterized by one or two peaks observed from April to mid-July (but with a maximum in late May). From the second half of summer, the number of staphylinid decreased and reached a minimum in autumn. The first peak of quantity of beetles (late April-May) is due to the mass emergence of overwintering specimen. The second peak of numbers (late June-mid-July or August) is associated with the emergence of a new generation of some species, as well as migrations of most Staphylinidae species (especially in summer). Seasonal changes in the number of rove beetles in different urban coenoses are considered: parks, forest park, plantations of the center and suburbs of the city and on farmlands of city. A high number of Staphilinidae in the city center was observed from April-May (maximum) to early June. In parks and in the Forest Park, the peak of rove beetles activity was observed from the second half of April to mid-May, and a significant decrease – from late June to early to mid-August. The maximum number of Staphylinidae on the plantations of the outskirts was characterized by one or two peaks – from mid-May to June and in the first half of June, and a sharp decrease was observed from mid-summer. Peak of quantity in homestead plots were observed in the second half of May (2018) or in the second half of April (2019), after which Staphylinidae activity decreased significantly. We can assume that the increase in the number of staphylinids in the spring (late April-May) in all habitats due to the appearance, active search for food and reproduction of overwintering specimen (primarily S. caesareus), and in some cases (mid-June) by the emergence of new beetles generation (for example, for D. canaliculata). Subsequently, the decrease in activity is due to the mortality of most beetles after laying eggs, migrations to other habitats due to deteriorating conditions, such as low soil moisture and rising temperatures in summer. Maximum quantity of staphylinids (for example, S. caesareus) in the spring were registered on a оne-two months earlier than those of the sex index. The maximum number of the females is observed from the second half of summer to early autumn but maximum of beetles at May-beginning of June.


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