Aims and scope

“Ukrainian Entomological journal” peer-reviewed published original research across all aspects of entomology and acarology, especially fauna, ecology, phylogeny, systematic, morphology, ethology, physiology, nature conservation and practical value of insects. Both field studies and laboratory experiments are accepted, as well as studies in natural and anthropogenically transformed ecosystems, urban landscapes and agroecosystems. The manuscripts evaluates without regard to previous merits, race, ethnic origin, gender, religion, citizenship, sexual orientation, or political philosophy of the authors.

Authors are encouraged to submit their ideas and contributions to the understanding of biological and ecological mechanisms in entomology and acarology. Ukrainian entomological journal focuses on good-quality research, reporting scientifically sound observations and valid conclusions, which bring new and important information to the attention of the wider international scientific community. The papers are provides with extended summary in English and short abstracts in Ukrainian and Russian. Manuscripts are reviewed by specialists of the relevant profile (appointed by the editorial board) and are accepted for publication in accordance with the subject matter of the journal. The editor reserves the right to add changes and abbreviations in the text. Journal also printed eventual items like “Information and Chronicle”, “Book Reviews”, “Short Communications” etc.