• S. V. Glotov State Museum of Natural History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv, Ukraine
Keywords: Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae, Athetin, Plataraea, Ukraine


According to a combination of the morphological and biological features, the Plataraea is currently a part of the tribe Athetini. Representatives of the genus have a slender and elongated body, the body size is 3-5 mm. The body is brown; it is evenly densely dotted and covered with short bristles over the entire surface; the head is large and transverse, the posterior corners are rounded; the eyes are small, slightly convex; the temples are longer than the eyes; the antenna are short; the pronotum is transverse, its anterior and posterior corners are rounded; the elytra are noticeably wider and longer than the pronotum; the abdomen is slender, slightly tapering to the top. Representatives of the genus Plataraea lead a hidden way of life, mostly underground, and can also be found in forest cover. An overview of the genus Plataraea Thomson, 1858, represented in Ukraine by a single species of Plataraea brunnea (Fabricius, 1798) has been provided, a description of the main morphological features and diagnostic features has been made, data on ecological features and distribution of the genus in Ukraine and the world has been provided. For the first time, information on the findings of species of the genus Plataraea in Donetsk, Transcarpathian, Luhansk and Chernivtsi regions has been presented.


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