• Yu. Ye. Skrylnik Ukrainian Research Institute of Forestry & Forest Melioration named after G.M. Vysotsky. Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • M. P. Bieliavtsev National Nature Park «Gomilshanski forests», Kharkiv region, Ukraine
Keywords: Coleoptera, species composition, window traps, management regime, biodiversity indices


The aim of the research was to assess the species composition and biodiversity indices for Coleoptera insects, caught by window traps in the forest stands of National nature park "Gomilshansky lisy" with different management regimes and levels of anthropogenic load. In early April 2020 window traps of authors’ design were placed. Four window traps were placed in each of the five groups of plots, which have different management regimes and anthropogenic loading: managed zone, recreational zone with felling, a zone of stationary recreation, reserved zone, and the zone of regulated recreation. All collected insects were identified, their biodiversity in each group of plots in spring and summer catches was evaluated using Margalef and Menkhinik indices. The similarity of Coleoptera complexes in different groups of plots was analyzed using the Sorensen-Chekanovsky index. In the stands of the NPP "Gomolshansky lisy", 147 species of insects from 110 genera of 46 families of the Coleoptera were caught using window traps and identified. By the number of genera and species, representatives of the families Cerambycidae (15 genera, or 13.6%; 16 species, or 10.9%) and Curculionidae (12 genera, or 10.9%; 15 species, or 10.2%) prevail. Longhorn beetles Cerambyx (Microcerambyx) scopolii, Plagionotus arcuatus, and Phymatodes testaceus, and bark beetles Xyleborinus saxesenii та Anisandrus dispar were the most abundant. The lowest number of Coleoptera species and individuals was found in the managed zone (27 and 29 species, 95 and 44 individuals, respectively) and in the area of the recreational zone where felling was carried out (25 species in spring and summer records, 157 and 44 individuals). In the summer records, the number of species increased by a total of 28.6% due to an increase in their number in the protected zone (from 32 to 38 species) and to a lesser extent in the managed zone (from 27 to 29 species). The values of species richness of Margalef and Menkhinik indices according to summer surveys of beetles have increased in most plots compared to spring surveys, mostly in the protected zone (DMg from 12.1 to 20.2; DMn from 1.7 to 4.6). The calculation of the Sorensen-Chekanovsky index indicates the greatest commonality of pairs of Coleoptera complexes in the plots of the managed zone and in the plots of the recreational zone with felling (Csc=0.58), in the plots of the managed zone and the zone of stationary recreation (Csc=0.56), as well as in the plots of the reserved zone and the zone of regulated recreation (Csc=0.55). According to summer records, the values of this index for all pairs of compared plots were lower than according to spring records: in areas of managed and recreational zone with felling (Csc=0.41); in the managed zone and the stationary recreation zone (Csc=0.39); in the protected zone and the zone of regulated recreation (Csc=0.15).


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