New records of Camel Spider Galeodes araneoides Pallas, 1772 (Solifugae, Solpugidae) in the Kherson region (Ukraine)

  • I. Moysiyenko
  • P. Radzikowski
  • E. Roman
  • I. Dembicz
Keywords: Camel Spider, continental Ukraine, new record, Kherson Region


Information on the records of common Camel Spider, Galeodes araneoides, at archaeological sites (settlements) of the Right Bank of Dnieper territory in the Kherson Region is presented: the species is recorded at one territory (Staroshvedske) based on observations of the authors (confirmed by the photo), and given for other territory (Chervonomaiatske) based on the data of survey. Last time this species was recoded on the territory of continental Ukraine more than 100 years ago.


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