The faunistic structure of beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) in herpetobios of urbocenosis of Kharkiv city (Ukraine)

  • N. A. Komaromi
  • N. Yu. Nikolenko
  • A. V. Puchkov
Keywords: Coleoptera, fauna, herpetobios, urbocenoses, Kharkiv, Ukraine


A total of 320 species from 42 families were registered in the herpetobios (stratobiont and epigeobiont beetles) of the urbocenosis of Kharkiv. Among these more than 160 species are recorded for the first time for this metropolis. Four species of ground beetles (Notiophilus germinyi Fauvel, Clivina fossor L., Laemostenus terricola Herbst and Masoreus wetterhali Gyll.) were not listed for Ukraine in the Catalogue of Palearctic Coleoptera. The species Omosita japonica Reitter, 1874 (Nitidulidae) is new for Ukranian fauna. Moreover, 93 species from 17 families are the dominant species (at least in one of the urban ecosystems). Among these, eudominants are represented with almost 20 species, but the number of eudomonants did not exceed ten species in separate urban cenoses. Carabidae (80), Staphylinidae (36), Curculionidae (32) and Tenebrionidae (8 species) dominate both, in species composition and abundance. The total part of these groups reached at least 90% of Coleoptera, recorded in urban-cenosis. Separate species of Silphidae, Dermestidae, Elateridae, Chrysomelidae, Leiodidae, Coccinellidae, Nitidulidae, Scarabaeidae, Histeridae and Lucanidae were sporadically usual in most plots. They accounted almost 9% of the total quantity of all beetles in transformed cenoses. Among these, a greater number of species are found within the families of Scarabaeidae (33), Chrysomelidae (16), Elateridae (14), Histeridae (12), Coccinellidae (11) and Nitidulidae (11), Silphidae (6) and Dermestidae (6). The rest of the families are represented with 1–4 species. All beetles registered in herpetobios belong to three groups. Typical inhabitants of herpetobios prevailed (about 200 species from 22 families, at least 90% of all Coleoptera). The proportion of species sporadically associated with herpetobios (more than 40 species from 10 families) was about 5% of all beetles. Random components of herpetobios are represented by more than 70 species from 10 families, and their total share did not exceed 3% of all Coleoptera. A preliminary taxonomic review of coleopterofauna was carried out in different urbocenoses. The number of species in urbocenosises ranged from 101 (Forest Park) to 124 (urban parks). In other green plantings of the city, the species diversity reached 105–118 species. The number of dominant beetles in different areas ranged from 37 to 60 species.


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